Rianthai Rungruang Plastic Co,.Ltd.
is the leader PVC vinyl manufacturer company in thailand with the brand name “TG TARGET” founded in 1994. Currently over 20 years with a capacity of over 1 million square meters per year, registered capital of 60 million baht.

Rianthai Rungruang Plastic Co,.Ltd. is committed to developing products better. The R & D department is responsible for recruiting new technology to improve the product. In addition, the Company It also gives special attention to the environment. Include potential impacts on product users. Especially asbestos, which has a great danger to health. Coin Thai Rungrueng Plastic Co., Ltd. has developed a rubber floor without asbestos. This can make the user more confident in the use of the product.

From efficient operation and honest service to our customers, we have been able to develop a wide range of products such as paint, wood, stone, carpet, grass, etc.